In the research we did, people said that they wanted more concrete information about condom use: how to put one on, the different kinds of condoms available, and where to get free condoms.

If the answers to your questions are not here, remember there is a phone number you can call to ask specific questions about these kinds of things: (514) 855-8995, outside of Montreal call 1-888-855-7432.

How to use and put on a condom

Used properly, condoms are effective in preventing the transmission of most STDs, HIV, and pregnancy. But what does "used properly" mean? If you are not sure about the do's and don'ts of using a condom, be sure to check out the information here.

You can watch a short video on proper condom use here:
(scroll to Je capote! Condom use 101 video.)

Condom breakage?

Sometimes, condoms can and do break. If this happens, you may want to use some specific services to ensure your health. If pregnancy is a concern, there is the possibility of taking the morning after pill. If taken within 72 hours of having had sex, this is generally effective. You can get a morning after pill without a prescription from a pharmacist. You can also consult Gynecological Services listed on this website.
You may also be worried about HIV specifically. In order to evaluate your different options, and learn about the actual risk, consider contacting the one of the two CLSCs with a specialization in HIV/AIDS issues, listed here:

CLSC Métro - Centre d'intervention Sida
1801 Boul. de Maisonneuve O., Bureau 500, Montreal
(514) 934-0552

CLSC des Faubourgs
1705, rue de la Visitation, Montréal
(514) 847-0644,

Different kinds of condoms

Some of the men we interviewed said that they did not like particular brands of condoms. If you do not like condoms in general, or if this is the case for a partner, you may want to consider trying different brands. For instance, some men said that certain brands of Japanese condoms allowed for more sensation.

Where to find specialty condoms

Montreal has a number of different boutiques and shops where you can get hard-to-find condoms, like Japanese ones. The staff will take the time to determine your specific needs, and suggest the best choice for you.

La Capoterie > > > >
2061, rue St-Denis
Montréal Québec
H2X 3K8
(514) 845-0027

Shag Shop, McGill University > > > >

Students in Montreal can obtain specialty condoms at a reduced cost through McGill University Health Services' Shag Shop. You can speak with someone knowledgeable about STDs, and about sexual health in general.

Where to get free condoms

Most community-based HIV/AIDS agencies will give you condoms (and water-based lubricant) for free. Many CLSCs will also provide condoms, although you may have to ask specifically for them. Below is a partial list of some local HIV/AIDS agencies that will give out condoms. If these organizations are difficult for you to get to, call them to find out if there is a similar agency in your neighbourhood.

ACCM - AIDS Community Care Montreal > > > >
2075, rue Plessis
Montréal Québec
H2L 2Y4
Office: (514) 527-0928
Resource Centre: (514) %29-9462
Fax: (514) 527-0701

CRISS - le Centre de Ressources et d'Intervention en Santé et Sexualité > > > >
5410, 2e avenue
Montreal Quebec
H1Y 2Y3
(514) 855-8991
fax : (514) 855-8994

CRISS is an organization which offers a variety of programs and services related to women and HIV in Montreal. They have a project for seropositive mothers, a prevention program specifically for African communities in Montreal, community lunches, discussion and support groups, and more.

GAP-Vies > > > >
(Groupe d'Action pour la Prévention de la transmission du VIH et l'Éradication du Sida)
7355, boul. Saint-Michel
Montréal, Québec
H2A 2Z9
Fax : 514-722-0063
email :

GAP-Vies offers prevention education and support services for the Haitian and African communities in Montreal.

CACTUS Montréal 1626, rue Saint-Hubert
Montréal (Québec)
H2L 3Z3
(514) 847-0067. (Open nights only.)

CACTUS is a needle exchange located in downtown Montreal which provides clean needles, condoms, and referrals to health services.